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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? (ipkknd) (Hindi: इस प्यार को क्या नाम दूं English: What Name Should I Give to This love?) Indian television drama series on STAR Plus joint venture of Four Lion Films and Panglosean Entertainment premiered in India on June 6, 2011, and currently airs on weekdays at 8:00 pm ISTshow became an instant hit and is currently one of the top shows in Indian television Contents Plot Characters Khushi Kumari Gupta Arnav Singh Raizada
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Top Drama Hollywood Lollywood London England Canada USA UK Europe Pakistan Chine abroad singer producer actor actress most beautiful popular famose love story prem kahani khani pyar ishq muhabbat topper lovers beloved Anjali Raizada Payal Gupta Shyam Akash Raizada Lavanya Kashyap Manorama Raizada Arnav's Nani Madhumati Gupta Garima Gupta Shashi Gupta Cast Episodes Crew Broadcast time References crossed love story presenting an interesting contrast of personalities entwinedrelationship swinging between love & hateKhushi (Sanaya Irani) and Arnav (Barun Sobti) diametrically opposite ideologies believes in means utmost importance to  her comes with a price and can be manipulated for one's benefit 18 year old girl from Lucknow simple sweet, street-smart, fun  loving driven by a   clear moral compass stands for never lets go of inculcated values She will not change herself conform people's  shallow expectations stark contrast
28 year old self-made rich ruthlesswin at all costs man bought in the world including  loveconsideration qualms using pawnsachieve his ambitions story progresses their witnesses conflicts constantly tries break  steadfast morals just in order to prove himself control everyone other hand always follow her values & moralsLater show Father  (Shashi) & Khushi's Mother (Garima) moveBuaji's (Madhumati Gupta) housesee Shyam doubt about finally discovers wife blames cheating kill fails despite having a heart attack Meanwhile slowly falling in love with each other discover this find
Khushi  Kumari Gupta 18 year old young lady many tragedies parents both died in a car crash aged adopted by now lives devotee of Devi Maiyya beginning even cultural would stand upchange herself shallow sometimes make hasty decisions ends making right following heart  be able Arnav Singh Raizada  rich, handsome,brooding, self-made man ruthless wants win at any cos bought in the worldincluding love no consideration  achieve his ambitionsdiabetic favorite color is red plants shown agnosticmeets Lucknow unknowing sabotages fashion show  company hosts, fate bringing together take responsibility leading bitter explosive temper in fact generous cares sister, Anjal  girlfriend Lavanya Kashyap whom agreed to marryafraid of admitting eal name Anjali Raizada Arnav's sister teases married husband creates may be lonely everyone around wise woman Payal Gupta elder thoughtful matureas opposed impulsive understands supports all matters marriage breaks against dowry demand  rationalises situation younger entire denounces Akash

 Shyam (Main Antagonist) Anjali's husband pretends to be only married money marry sneaky, slimy kitchen jalebi bai bhai jalabi hospital bill pay sallary payment help tears sleeping sleep character whatever marriage Completely stop already  Buaji convince honest front work
Akash Raizada Cousin brother of Arnav Unlike more than does at first as soon as sees Lavanya Kashyap Lavanya Arnav's girlfriend very high class hate Khushi after getting told off by Arnav's nani starts nice call her chamkili Manorama Raizada (Antagonist) Arnav's mami Akash's mother catch phrase "Hello hi bye bye" funny character rude towards mother-in law because servant  before who fell in love Arnav's Uncle"phati saadi" calls "khoon bhari taang"(bloody leg)injured by a needle foot Arnav's Nani person who loves a lot sets rules same get out listen's Manorama Madhumati Gupta everyone Buaji real name Madhumati Gupta Bua is a widow conservative traditional approach strict appears rude somewhere  deep down means well had migrated Lucknow to Delhi issueless runs a small-time catch phrase "hai re nand kishor"impressed  Garima Gupta somebody self respect honour topmost Fear of infamy haunts gone through ordeal willing opinion own Shashi Gupta sweet shop Saatvik Mishtaan Bhandaar interior lower middle class area of Lucknow modest“ties of the heart are stronger than  ties of blood” second orphan Nevertheless treated differently only member restricted recently been paralyzed Sanaya Irani Barun Sobti Daljeet Kaur Bhanot Deepali Pansare Abha Parmar Sana Khan Abhaas Mehta Akshay Dogra Jayshree T. Utkarsha Naik Rajesh Jias Tuhinaa Vohra/Pyumori Mehta Sanjay Batra Episodes elated speak settling cleaning and decorating rushes asthma medicine stealing neighbour’s scooter hurry, accidently shocked Delhi Arnav meets Khushi Payal's wedding fiasco The festival of Urs Arnav humiliates Khushi publicly Khushi, Payal reach Delhi Khushi's challenge to Arnav Khushi comes to Arnav's house Manorama ruins Khushi's success Khushi gets a job Khushi loses her appointment letter Khushi to work for Arnav? Khushi's first day at work Khushi creates ruckus at work Khushi's presence stuns Arnav Arnav challenges Khushi Payal worries about Khushi's safety Shyam moves to Buaji's house Khushi's efficiency stuns Arnav Khushi's surprise birthday party for Payal Sim, Pam put Khushi in trouble Arnav admires Khushi's new look Arnav saves Khushi Payal's presence stuns
Akash Khushi reaches Arnav's house Khushi is trapped! Arnav comes to Khushi's rescue Shyam's suspicious behaviour Khushi's memories haunt Arnav Buaji, Payal refuse to send Khushi to work Khushi decides to resign Khushi, Lavanya's face off Khushi hands over her resignation to happy diwali new year pooja party reception drink pool table bed
bedroom suhag rat raat dhaba hotel car jeab pajero bmw convence push arms smart strong weak character dheela dheala hai scene kushi kshi arnv anv khusshi khusee khoshi khooshee khooshe kushee kushii kushii annav arrmav armav arnaw anaw ray zaada sada zara Arnav Khushi feels guilty of hurting Arnav Arnav decides to leave the house Teej celebrations begin Khushi, Arnav bump into each other Anjali gears up to meet her husband Anjali, Khushi visit the temple Arnav breaks Khushi's fast Anjali's husband Shyam arrives Shyam, Anjali revive their marital vows Financial crisis looms large on Khushi's family Nani, Arnav agree to Shyam's arrangement Khushi and Arnav meet again
Khushi decides to leave Delhi Khushi & Payal learn of Shashi’s financial crisis Lavanya moves into Arnav's house Lavanya's antics irks Nani Khushi,Payal leave Delhi Khushi's new plan Khushi kick starts her business venture Nani catches Lavanya in Arnav's room Khushi's new plan Khushi gets her first order Khushi stunned to learn    about her first client Anjali, Shyam's anniversary party kick starts Manorama ruins Khushi’s hard work Lavanya Drunk Anjali brings an Proposal Khushi can either accept the offer or give 1 lakh! Khushi accepts the offer with conditions Khushi's first day at work and Arnav tells her to get out! Anjali gets mad at arnav for throwing khushi out and arnav goes to khushi's house! Khushi witnesses Arnav's soft side Khushi worried about marriage Lord Krishna's birthday Buaji and Payal to the Raizada  house Khushi arrested?

Khushi tricks Arnav into the festival Arnav leaves Khushi in the middle of the road Khushi stops Arnav's car Khushi teases Arnav in front of everyone Arnav shouts at Khushi for teasing him Khushi burns Arnav Khushi finds Laxmi Lavanya's weird behavior Lavanya proposes to Arnav Arnav enraged with Khushi Arnav shouts at Khushi Arnav's mother and father's death anniversary Arnav feels bad for shouting at Khushi about his mother and father Arnav tries to apologise to Khushi Arnav apologises to Khushi   Arnav says sorry again Lavanya leaves the house Khushi barges into Arnav's meeting Arnav and Lavanya unite Khushi's heart beats faster Shashi tries to get to Anjali Arnav starts feeling dizzy Khushi gets stuck in Arnav's car surely facing a conflict of interest with thoughts avoids confronts


  1. Aww! :) Great couple.. Mii Lykes!!

  2. Yes!
    This is really very beautiful and Great Couple!
    To Watch full StarPlus Drama
    " Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? "

  3. I Love You Barun.You Are So Hot Yet Sooo Sexyy!

  4. I love you Barun. Im an ardent fan of yours. Keep rocking!!!

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  6. I Miss You So Much
    Acha Drama Ku Jaldi Finish Kr Dety Hain
    Nice Couple Amezing ....!😙😙

  7. I Miss You So Much
    Acha Drama Ku Jaldi Finish Kr Dety Hain
    Nice Couple Amezing ....!😙😙